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4 weeks of laser focused action to start selling like hotcakes on Instagram, build community and do it on repeat over and over again. 

What is Sell Like Hotcakes program?


Dive into an explosive month of action with the "Sell Like Hotcakes" (SLH) program, beginning on the 28th of June. This live, group coaching experience is designed to supercharge your Instagram sales, create a thriving community, and enable you to scale these successes.


SLH isn't just another coaching program—it's your one-stop workshop for mastering the art of magnetic online sales. We focus on equipping you with personalized toolkits and skills to create various content styles, aimed at not just attracting but captivating your ideal clients. Once you master these techniques, replicating success becomes second nature.

Who is it for?

SLH is for you if…

👉 You’re an online business owner, coach, service provider or consultant

👉 You are ready to start taking your business seriously and want the best of tools to start selling your shit

👉 You’re ready to get out of your own way and try things you may have never tried before


Program breakdown: 

Week 1: We’ll take a deep dive into your dream client's language and develop a custom toolkit for you to use in your content.

Week 2: We’ll learn how to create transformational sales text that converts. You’ll walk away with a toolkit that’s customized to resonate with your ideal client and to be used across all your content.

Week 3: Content week. Learn to make all the different types of content needed to attract happy clients with plug-and-play templates.

Week 4: Learn how to build a hot community and get the insights on how to sell in your DMs.

What’s inside?

👉 4 value-packed live group calls specific to SLH.

👉 Access to weekly content templates to help you easily create content that converts on Instagram, so you never have to wonder, "WTF do I post to get clients?!" ever again.

👉 Instagram Story plug-and-play templates to help you easily sell in your IG Stories.

👉 Weekly trending audio—because why not?

👉 A private community and peer-to-peer support with like-minded superstars ready to sign on dream clients with their content.

👉 Anna’s warm and fuzzy, yet straight-to-the-point support.


Now, let’s paint a picture of your potential future...

👉 Develop and deploy a content strategy that not only attracts but converts, leveraging deep insights into buyer psychology.

👉 Create a week’s worth of engaging content with plug-and-play templates without feeling overwhelmed. 

👉 Get ready to see more engagement from the people you really want to connect with. You’ll start noticing more interactions, more sales, and stronger relationships.

👉 Find yourself getting really excited about social media again! You’ll be coming up with genuine, compelling content that truly shows off what makes you special.

👉 Imagine your DMs filling up with messages from clients who are not just interested in what you offer, but are drawn to your unique style and personality. They're not just looking for anyone—they want to work with YOU.


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Imagine this: You make one payment of 490€ and that's it—no extra or hidden costs. This gets you an incredible toolkit tailored to boost your sales on all platforms. Think of it as your key to ongoing business success. Are you ready to seriously amp up your game and see real growth in your sales? Let's make it happen together!


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